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I draw inspiration from magical sources such as folklore, myth and nature. Although an experienced jeweller and silversmith, I work in a variety of mediums. My work is shifting and styles change in response to the nature of the project itself. Consequently I have many "styles". This responsivity is well represented by the spectrum of work shown within this website. I want this website to fulfil a number of purposes. As an online portfolio, I want it to show a cross section of the work I have produced over the years, including some developmental models, sketches and designs from my Masters Degree. I also want the site to communicate something of my personality and the cultural context of my work and indeed my life. I believe this represents the common denominator between otherwise seemingly disperate projects. Thirdly, I want to offer an range of items for sale from this website direct to clients, in particular items from the Oak King Collection as I am always being asked for these! New pieces will also be offered through this website. This part of the site is now under development and will be open for business soon! I also want to present and reflect on a number of inspiring and thought provoking objects of interest to me, with some background research by myself. I will continue to develop this aspect of the site over time. I hope you enjoy looking at the range of work shown on this website.

Marti Dean
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Wish Ring - Masters Degree Collection